About Me

Hi, i am Ramil G. Lumauag, also known as “RaMzKiE”. I am an I.T. Professor teaching under graduate as well as graduate studies courses. Here are few things i would like to share how i started this online endeavor.

How I Started

Ramil LumauagI started as a blogger when my friend introduced me adsense and how to make money online through blogging, this was way back year 2007 when google was still friendly. I also engaged myself in internet marketing using affiliate programs. Yes, it worked, and i made a lot of investment out of it.

When outsourcing rises in the Philippines, i try to engage as a freelance web developer, servicing local and international clients. How i manage it? Its just a matter of managing your time. I worked as a full-time professor on class days, and work on clients online at night. Nothing is impossible if you love your work.

At present i am still working with clients building their online presence, and help businesses succeed through their website.

As a Professor

Ramil G. LumauagI am a graduate of B.S. Computer Science, and finished my Degree in Master of Science in Computer Science. I have been in the academe since my graduation in 1997 up to the present. I am a full-time professor handling computer related for under graduate and graduate studies program.

I specialized in internet technologies, web development, educational technologies, and acquired a lot of trainings in this field. I conducted lectures, trainings and workshops to various schools and organizations.


I am a member and a serves as a Board of Director of the Philippine Society of I.T. Educators. I was elected as the President of SEO Iloilo Organization, a member of various blogging community, and  a licensed teacher.



The other side of me

ramzPhotography is my passion, i am also a member of various photographic society.

I love to travel, that is why i created also my Travel Blog to share my adventures.

I do hope i have shared information with you.

Feel free to Contact Me if you need my services, i am willing to help.