Dinagyang Festival 2015 List of Winners

Check out the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival 2015 List of Winners and Result. It will be posted here once available. Stay tuned.

Kasadyahan Festival 2015 Winners

Minor Awards
Best in Costume – Pinta Flores
Best in Music – Tribu Kaing
Best Musical Director – Tribu Kaing
Best in Street Dance – Tribu Kaing
Best in Choreography – Tribu Tatusan
Best Choreographer – Tribu Tatusan
Best in Performance – Tribu Tatusan

Major Awards
4th Runner Up – Salakayan Festival
3rd Runner Up – Pinta Flores
2nd Runner Up – Tribo Kaing
1st Runner Up – Tribo Pantat Festival
Champion – Tribu Tatusan

Ati-Ati Contest/Tribe Competition Winners

Minor Awards

Best Choreographer – Panayanon
Best Costume Designer – Paghidaet
Best Headdress – Panayanon
Best Shield and Spear – Panayanon
Best Musical Director – Ilonganon
Best in Discipline – Paghidaet
Best in Music – Ilonganon
Best in Costume – Paghidaet
Best in Street Dancing – Salognon
Best Choreography – Panayanon
Best Performance – Panayanon

Major Awards
4th Runner Up – Tribu Ilawodnon
3rd Runner Up – Tribu Salognon
2nd Runner Up – Tribo Ilonganon
1st Runner Up – Tribo Paghidaet
Champion – Tribu Panayanon