Barotac Viejo Ecapade: My Last Trip for Summer 2013

Last June 2, 2013 i got an invitation from my fellow DPI member, Bert Andone and Vicky Balleza Banaynal-Baliguat of Kinaadman Productions for an escapade and a photo shoot at Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.

Barotac Viejo Inampuagan Falls

I didn’t hesitate for this invitation since i haven’t enjoy my summer due to summer classes, and the succeeding week will be the opening of class again, so this was the last trip i had for summer close out.

Inampuagan Mountain Resort Inampuagan Falls Barotac

We visited Inampuagan Mountain Resort, located at Sitio Inampuagan, San Antonio, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. From the town proper, you will ride a motorcycle going to Sitio Inampuagan, and from the dropping point, you will have a half kilometer trekking adventure going to the falls. There is no electricity nor a store up hill, so you better bring foods and water with you.

Inampuagan Falls

Swimming at Inampuagan Falls

We had a photo shoot with our models, and had a swimming getaway, the cool water flow from the falls tempted us to swim even though we have not bring with us extra clothes. :-)

Inampuagan Falls Barotac Viejo

After the photo shoot we take our lunch and headed to another location, the Nagpana Falls, located at Sitio Nagpana. Tricycle and motorcycle are the means of transportation going to Nagpana, its a hilly and rocky road going up hill.

Indigenous Aeta of Sitio Nagpana

The Aeta community lived in this place, upon your arrival you will be welcomed by these indigenous people to register. They are also selling their native products such as baskets, hats, bags, coin purses, leis, coasters, placemats, bracelets made of nito vine which is a richly-colored tropical vine coming from the fern family.

Sitio Nagpana Barotac Aeta Community Nagpana Fall Barotac

Framed by stunning mountain views and relaxing water flow, Nagpana Falls is perfect for adventure and a getaway. A lot of visitors visited the place for swimming.

Nagpana Falls Barotac Viejo