Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2013 Talent Competition: A Showcase of Beauty and Talent

Last January 4, 2013 the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2013 Talent Competition was held at Robinsons Place, Iloilo. The ten lovely finalist for the Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2013 showcased their beauty and talents once again.

Alex Gonzales Soncio

The chairman and organizer Tito Alex Gonzales Soncio confirmed that two big names will be coming to judge in the pageant and coronation night to be held at University of San Agustin Gym on January 23, 2013 at 7:00 pm, Ruffa Gutierrez and Meriam Quiamboa.

During the talent competition, the candidates were introduced first, and each one presented their talent. It truly shows that the candidates does not only have the beauty but they also posses talent as they amazed the audience in their performances.

Here are the candidates and their talent presentation:

Candidate No.1: Eisely Kyle M. Pragados Eisely Kyle M. Pragados

Candidate No.1 is Eisely Kyle M. Pragados, she performs a declamation and story telling.

Candidate No.2: Carmille Pearl C. Belgera Carmille Pearl C. Belgera

Candidate No.2 is Carmille Pearl C. Belgera, her talent is a monologue, singing and dancing.

Candidate No.3: Emily Victoria J. Oke Emily Victoria J. Oke

Candidate No.3 is Emily Victoria J. Oke, her talent is a monologue.

Candidate No.4: Stella Mae Saquibal Stella Mae Saquibal

Candidate No.4 is Stella Mae Saquibal, her talent is an Interpretative Dance.

Candidate No.5: Froilene C. Villanueva Froilene C. Villanueva

Candidate No.5 is Froilene C. Villanueva, her talent is singing.

Candidate No.6: Sharie A. Jaafary Sharie A. Jaafary

Candidate No.6 is Sharie A. Jaafary, her talent is Indian Dance and Belly Dancing.

Candidate No.7 is Cherry Ann S. Subong, her talent is a festival showcase dance presentation.

Candidate No.7: Cherry Ann S. Subong Cherry Ann S. Subong

Candidate No.7 is Cherry Ann S. Subong, she performed a festival showcase dance presentation.

Candidate No.8: Justine Rose V. Silayro Justine Rose V. Silayro

Candidate No.8 is Justine Rose V. Silayro, she performed a Ballet Dance.

Candidate No.9: Rojess Anne C. Peregil Rojess Anne C. Peregil

Candidate No.9 is Rojess Anne C. Peregil, she performed a monologue also.

Candidate No.10: Cindy Jhoy T. Taba Cindy Jhoy T. Taba

Candidate No.10 is Cindy Jhoy T. Taba, her talent is Dance Sport.

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