Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2013 Jet Ski and Swimwear Fashion Show

The Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2013 is one of the biggest and grandest event to watch for, a lot of pre-pageant activities were held to showcase the talent and beauty of an Ilongga. From the grand launching, fantasy make up presentation, talent competition, festival costume competition, and now, the last pre-pageant event and the first for Miss Iloilo Dinagyang, the Jet Ski and Swimwear Fashion Show.

The ten candidates for Miss Dinagyang 2013 ride on a Jet Ski and cruised along the Iloilo River going to the Iloilo Esplanade for a Swimwear Fashion Show. Three sets of Swimwear designed by Alex Gonzales Soncio were showcased by the candidates, the crowd flacked to the Iloilo Esplanade to witness this first ever pre-pageant event.

Miss Dinagyang 2013 Jet Ski and Swimwear Fashion Show

The Candidates Riding on a Jet Ski

Candidate 1

Candidate 1: Eisely Kyle M. Pragados (Awarded as Miss Ysa Botanica during the event)

Candidate 2

Candidate 2: Carmille Pearl C. Belgera

Candidate 3

Candidate 3: Emily Victoria J. Oke

Candidate 4

Candidate 4: Stella Mae Saquibal

Candidate 5

Candidate 5: Froilene C. Villanueva (Awarded as Miss GlutaMax during the event)

Candidate 6

Candidate 6: Sharie A. Jaafary

Candidate 7

Candidate 7: Cherry Ann S. Subong

Candidate 8

Candidate 8: Justine Rose V. Silayro

Candidate 9

Candidate 9: Rojess Anne C. Peregil

Candidate 10

Candidate 10: Cindy Jhoy T. Taba

Male models from Manila were also invited to grace the event.

Male Models

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