Today is a Special Day

Yes, this is my special day today November 25, 2012 because it’s my Birthday! Yeah, clap! clap! clap! I am now officially accepting gifts, cash, and donations. Just send me a message. lol

Did you know that i consider my past birthdays as an ordinary day? And now, Why i consider this day special? Because i am inspired. And what makes me inspired? I got to tell you this…

Last November 24, 2012 i attended the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit in Cebu City, i first hesitate to attend for it will be my birthday in the next day. But as what i have said, i consider my birthday as an ordinary day so i attended the summit.

Attending the summit is worthy for i learned a lot of things especially on how to become a Digital Influencer. And i did not expect that this will make me think and put that big ? in my head. What inspired me are the presentations, and one of the presentation of my friend Ben Francia struck me the most, mind you this is just his first slide (introduction).

Slide 1

As what the usual birthday wishes we wish for good health, success in life, more blessings, etc.. Upon looking at this slide, i tried to ask myself, where i am now? What are the things i have done for the past years of my life, and what are the things i should have done, and what are those opportunities that i missed? I believe that this created a great impact as i enter another chapter of my life.

Another presentation of this Vietnamese guy Khoa Bui, who is a successful Internet Marketer also inspired me, this time this was his last slide.

Slide 2

It pretty sounds awesome but, he said “Everyday, Remind Yourself…” remind yourself that you gonna die, and you don’t know when. Ask yourself what good things i have done that people will remember, that you have done to yourself that makes you happy and enjoy life.

After listening to their presentations, i felt reborn, isn’t it a good timing that it’s your birthday and you have those inspiring things that will make you change your life, lifestyle, and attitude towards success.

I am so thankful to these persons, they are inspirations… Starting today, this very special day, i will have a gift for myself that will made an impact, and this will be the question i will ask myself a year from now, “Where i am now?

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