DPI Rocks Tigbauan’s Saludan Festival

Discover Panay Island Group by Hawili Hurom was invited during the Municipality of Tigbauan’s 7th Saludan Festival last October 26, 2012. This is a personal invitation from Mayor James Excel Torres.

DPI at Tigbauan

The group assembled at the tourism hall at around 7:00 a.m., and had our stomach warmer at the Municipal Hall. We had a chance to witness the town’s colorful history, Saludan Festival came from a local dialect “Salud” a crude method of threshing rice, catching fish through nets and wooden bamboo. The festival was highlighted by a Tribe Competition where in it showcased the municipality’s rich cultural history, and natural resources.

Saludan Festival

After the Tribe Competition, the group headed to Tarso Boys (a street in Tigbauan, what a unique name :-)) for our lunch. We are very thankful for our kind sponsors, Junelyn Tan- Ayson, Maria Buena Tan Arguelles, and Bellgrace Tan-Raisi. It was a full pack lunch, thanks for the foods.. Thank you also the hosts, who accommodate us for the venue of our lunch, Phoebe Molina Torrico and family. They really make us feel at home.

DPI Lunch

Photo Take from DPI Facebook Page. Credits to the Owner.

After our lunch, we explore Tigbauan. The group visited the SEAFDEC FISHWORLD, SOL Y MAR Beach Resort, ZAYCO FARM, and BEARLAND Resort. For more photos (a lot of photos here), kindly visit the DPI Facebook Page.

DPI Rocks Tigbauan

Before we got home after a short exploration, Marissa Maravillo, Mary Grace Maravillo- Trio, and Eugene Trio sponsored us snacks. Thanks for the siomai and banana q.

This is another opportunity to discover a beautiful place in Panay, the Municipality of Tigbauan…

Thanks a lot to our DPI Members from Tigbauan who made this event possible and for the warm welcome and accommodations. Maam SaMen Terania, Jeck Tangente, and Lito Yan, to their young and dynamic Mayor, Hon. James Excel Torres and his Wife, for inviting us to their Saludan Festival.

And of course Mr. Hawili Hurom and sponsors for giving us permission to join this event.

Here are the list of the DPI Members who Rocks the Saludan Festival:

1. TOTAN- Jonathan Clavel
2. Antz Toni
3. Han Vasquez
4. Ian John Pamplona
5. Greg Dlr
6. Jasmin Janeo
7. *
8. *
9. Ana C. Terania
10. Enzo Terania
11. Joel Miles Molina
12. Yram Nylnaj Llysylg Oñerrap
13. Joreen Marie Plana
14. Paul Erik Barcalos
15. Ely Soberano
16. Chen-Chen Dalumpines
17. Marcos Jurquina
18. Cassandra Leslie Dela Cruz
19. Makoy Rejaba
20. Bing Love
21. Kem Hautea Aspera
22. Jade Echavez
23. Mark Segador
24. Chiefmate Jason Gonzales Gerada
25. Mhytz Villasis
26. Karllo Martin
27. Dee James
28. Macy Blas
29. ‘Alheaine Dredjshiah
30. Herald Alfred Tupas Garcia
31. Gino Tacuyan
32. Bj/Jb
33. Gil Ramos
34. Caloi Delfin
35. Ramzkie G. Lumauag
36. Dionmar Julabar
37. Paulo
38. Michael Irisari Pagnaya
39. Eds Eguia-Julabar
40. Rod Hormina
41. Jovelyn Joyce Premarion
42. Albert Tauro Mamora Jr.
43. Carl Sardua
44. Royce S. Reyes

DPI Rocks!

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