Visiting MinSCAT for AACCUP Accreditation

Last September 10-25, 2012 i was invited by Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. to be one of the accreditor for Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology (MinSCAT) Acceditation. MinSCAT is located at Oriental Mindoro, it has 3 campuses, the Victoria Campus (Main Campus), Calapan City Campus, and Bongabong Campus.

From Iloilo it took me almost 14 hours of travel time via RoRo to reach Oriental Mindoro. This is my first time to visit Mindoro, so i am very excited to see the place, meet new friends, and know their cultures.

MinSCAT submitted 15 programs coming from 3 campuses for accreditation, this is to voluntarily submit themselves to look into their processes, instructions, faculty, and facilities, and seek improvement to offer the best and quality education. I was in charged to be the Team Leader of the Information Technology Program. Well, whatever the result of the findings, this would benefit the school to improve the offering of their programs.

AACCUP Accreditors

I will not talk about the result in here by the way, but i wrote this to share my personal experiences  visiting the institution.

Tagalog is the language used in Mindoro (surprised, i thought they have their local dialect), I like the hospitality of the people, they were so accommodating, you will hear greetings, “Good Morning Po!”, “Welcome Po!”.


MinSCAT Victoria Campus is situated with in the mountain side, it is rich in natural resources, that is why agriculture courses are offered in this campus. There are a lot of Rambutan Trees planted inside the campus, i also like the Kapyan Banana Wine which is processed manually, i visited their processing center, and have some taste of it. (although i was not assigned in this program ;-))

Kapyan Banana Wine

The other campus, Bongabong Campus is situated along the costal area, and fisheries course is offered in this campus. They have their own processing center donated by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) . They have the bagoong, bangus sardines, smoked bangus, and canned tuna products. They have sufficient facilities also in their IT Department. RealIy sad i was not able to visit Calapan City Campus, i have not seen their city. Hopefully AACCUP will assign me to Calapan next accreditation :-)

MinSCAT Bongabong

A nice view of the sunrise taken during the last day, coz it’s not raining anymore.

MinSCAT Bongabong Sunrise

Bongabong Campus Products:

MinSCAT Bagoong

I personally met their College President Dr. Jesse T. Zamora a visionary man who works hard for the improvement of the college. (Parang mag kasing gwapo lng kami.. :-)) Qualified for the height requirement?

MinSCAT President Jesse Zamora

Visiting MinSCAT is very memorable, this is my first time to be welcomed by a band :-) Well, the foods, accommodations are great, local counter parts are very supportive.  I was also touched during the closing program at Bongabong Campus where in all the faculty went up the stage to thank all of us, they really show their sincere thanks for having us helping their college. I meet a lot of friends, from students, teachers, and staffs. I was able to add them already on my Facebook account. :-) I have only 2 bags when i got to Mindoro, but when i got home i have a lot of bags with me full of pasalubong from MinSCAT.

In behalf of the AACCUP Accreditors, I would like to thank my new friends (too many to mention), all the accreditation task force of MinSCAT for their efforts, sleepless nights, and services rendered during their accreditation, to their key officials who really offered us their best accommodation, and making sure that we are comfortable in their place, and their College President who is really supportive in the accreditation program of AACCUP.

Hope to see you again. Maraming Salamat Po!

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