#Sinotto: Sen. Sotto’s Turno En Contra Speech is Trending on Twitter

#Sinotto is a trending hashtag on twitter this week after the alleged plagiarism issue that sparked over the news.

The first issue was on the privilege speech of the Senator on Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill), he was accused of copying the article from a US Blogger named Sarah. But the Senator denied the accusations.

Lately, another controversy hits the Senator, after tagalized version (Tagalog Version) of The Day of Affirmation Address by the late U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy delivered in 1996. The said tagalog translation was found in the last part of his Turno En Contra Speech.

Here is the image that goes viral over social media sites:


There are now a lot of negative and positive comments by the netizens over social media sites about the issue which makes it trending.

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