DPI Tabuan 3: The Gathering of Proud Panaynons

Last August 18, 2012, The Discover Panay Island Group by Hawili Hurom had a Tabuan Eyeball (Meet Up) at Concepcion Chalet, Jaro. This is already the third Tabuan Eyeball of the group. This is so far the biggest gathering with almost 80 members all over Panay participated in this event.

The group assembled at San Jose Church for candle lighting and offering of prayers. From San Jose the group proceed to Iloilo City Hall to view the Photo Exhibit of the Iloilo City Charter Celebration. From Iloilo City Hall the group had a photo walk in the downtown area going to Museo Iloilo where some of the members meet there (including me :-)). Others members covered the event at Iloilo River Esplanade.

DPI-Museo Iloilo

Photo Courtesy of Mark Segador

From Museo Iloilo, we then proceed to Concepcion Chalet for our Lunch. We were welcomed by a beautiful place and mouth watering Ilonggo Dishes prepared by Chef Tibong Jardeleza. The Concepcion Chalet is located at Washington Street, Jaro, it is an American-influenced home built in 1924. Chef Tibong Jardeleza is our official caterer every time we had our Tabuan because of his Native Cuisine which also reflects the Ilonggo Culture.

DPI Tabuan 3

Photo Courtesy of Ely Soberano

Before the lunch we first have a short program and getting to know each other by introducing ourselves and get acquainted with the members of the group. Mr. Hawili Hurom also called up to relay his message to the group. Dr. Royce Reyes was tasked to give a message, and it was so inspiring, and he encourage the group to strengthen the unity and continue the quest for Discovering Panay Island.

DPI Tabuan

After the short program and a prayer, we had our lunch, and of course, it will not be official without the “Tinanok nga Saging of the DPI”. It was a heart warming experience meeting humble Panaynons not to mention that these people are professionals and came from different walks of life, has higher position in their field, but still keeping their foot on the ground, sharing the same interest, Discovering and Promoting Panay Island. I got a chance also met Maam Maria Del Socorro Cansancio-Bender, who lives in Aschaffenburg, Germany, a very kind and humble person.

DPI Tabuan Lunch

It was a lot of fun sharing tables, and winning a friend. I got a chance to meet other members and had a great time talking to them, and sharing experiences how we joined the DPI Group.

Tabuan Lunch of DPI

After the lunch, the group continue the photo walk at Casa Mariquit, and then headed to the Iloilo River Esplanade.

It was again another great experience joining the DPI Tabuan 3, and I know there are still a lot more to come, for the group never stops in Promoting and Discovering Panay Island. Thanks a lot Sir Hawili Hurom and all the Sponsors of this event. Til the next Tabuan Again!

Here are the List of Attendees who confirmed in the DPI Facebook Page, other members just came during the Lunch.

1. Ryan Bañaria – CONFIRMED

2. Rey Bayona – CONFIRMED

3. Dee James – CONFIRMED

4. Edren Cawit – CONFIRMED

5. Jaiden Castillon Peñascosa – CONFIRMED

6. SaMen T. TeRania – CONFIRMED

7. Hampang Pitik Pitik – CONFIRMED

8. Rhey Esmeres Atonducan – CONFIRMED

9. Meryl Puljanan Hiso – CONFIRMED

10. Jean Franco Balleza – CONFIRMED

11. Raychel Sontillano – **** NEW CONFIRMED*****

12. Celine Limates – CONFIRMED

13. Anthony Jimoga-on – CONFIRMED

14. Vernan Jagunap – CONFIRMED

15. Budz David – CONFIRMED

16. Chiefmate Jason Gonzales Gerada – CONFIRMED

17. Glenn Opong – CONFIRMED

18. Riche Magbanua – CONFIRMED

19. Herald Alfred Tupas Garcia – CONFIRMED

20. Han Vasquez – CONFIRMED

21. Krishah Sobrejuanite – *****NEW CONFIRMED*****

22. Jon Michael Pantinos Lamojer ****NEW CONFIRMED***

23. Greg Dlr – ***RE CONFIRMED***

24. Rizandro Napone – CONFIRMED

25. Muzzy Paul Balleza – CONFIRMED

26. Norman Posecion – CONFIRMED

27. Jonathan Toledanes Clavel- CONFIRMED

28. Anne Margarette Niknik Garnizo – CONFIRMED

29. Ian John Pamplona-CONFIRMED

30. Ramzkie G. Lumauag – CONFIRMED

31. Jasmin Janeo – CONFIRMED

32. Julianne christy tano – CONFIRMED

33. Ely Soberano – CONFIRMED

34. Mary Grace Maravillo-Trio – CONFIRMED

35. Eugene Trio – CONFIRMED

36. Mary Jane Nufable Granados – CONFIRMED

37. Llge Gamefarm – CONFIRMED

38. Carl Sardua – CONFIRMED

39. Ritche Caleon Torreces – CONFIRMED

40. Jon Japitana – CONFIRMED

41. Ken Di – CONFIRMED

42. Supremo Philbikers – CONFIRMED

43. Dexter Docdocil – CONFIRMED

44. Lito Yan Torrico – CONFIRMED

45. Imperial Ledesma Cyril – CONFIRMED

46. Phoebe Molina Torrico – CONFIRMED

47. Bert Andone – CONFIRMED

48. ‘Alheaine Dredjshiah – CONFIRMED

49. Karrlo Martin – CONFIRMED

50. Lyn Libria Sandefer – CONFIRMED

51. Art Ryan Zamora Postolero – CONFIRMED

52. Dodoy Ignacio – CONFIRMED

53. Ellis Czar Rago Lopez – CONFIRMED

54. Deianne Vines – CONFIRMED

55. Ave Rex Andrada – CONFIRMED

56. Mark Segador – CONFIRMED

57. Elynor Grace Gambalan – CONFIRMED

58. Warren Erik Lirazan – CONFIRMED

59. Mhytz Villasis – CONFIRMED

60. Jp Sarsoza – CONFIRMED

61. Jillian Santiago – CONFIRMED

62. John Ryan Yap Pioquinto – CONFIRMED

63. Harris Tagamtam – CONFIRMED

64. Eds Eguia-Julabar – CONFIRMED

65. Makoy Rejaba – CONFIRMED

66. Royce S Reyes – CONFIRMED

67. Mam Peach – CONFIRMED

68. Lorena Opong – CONFIRMED

69. Carlo Evidente – CONFIRMED

70. Dulce Blas – CONFIRMED

71. Bing Love – CONFIRMED

72. John Luching Lañosa – CONFIRMED

73. Mrs. John Luching Lanosa – CONFIRMED

74. Lie Rose – CONFIRMED

75. Jennifer L. Osorio

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