DPI Photo Ride 3: Exploring the Wonders of Lambunao

It was again a wonderful experience spending the long weekend and holiday with a Photo Ride together with Discover Panay Island Group by Hawili Hurom last August 20, 2012. After the Tabuan 3, Photo Ride 3 was set to Discover Lambunao, Iloilo.

The group assembled at Ungka Terminal and take off past 8:00 a.m. Other members of the group from the Northern Part lead by SB Merelyn Barreto Paredes Valdes met up with us at Lambunao. During our arrival, we were welcomed by the Host, Maam Jennifer L. Osorio the very accommodating Municipal Tourism Officer together with the friendly Ms. Lie Rose.

DPI Lambunao Photo Ride 3

Photo Courtesy of June Dale I. Lozada

We got a chance to explore and take photos of the Lambunao Town Plaza and the Church, after that, we ride on a truck going to our destination, the Mari-it Wild Life Conservation Park, and Agri-Eco Park located at Brgy. Jayubo. We had a lot of fun especially with the boys as we are having our Photo Ride in the bumpy road going to our destination.

DPI Lambunao Photo Ride

Photo Courtesy of Dee James

Lambunao Agri-Eco Park

As we reached the Mari-it Park, we trekked along the hills and passed through the rivers going to the Montillano Falls where we had our lunch. Thank you also to Mr. Hernani Latoza who is in-charge of the Agri-Eco Park, other local officials and natives who guided us along our way going to the place.

Lambunao Photo Ride

We had a taste of native chicken binakol, native nhicken with ubad, adobo with a twist of guava leaves, fresh buko, banana, and unlimited rice. It’s a full pack lunch prepared and served by the hospitable Lambunaonons.

Lambunao Montillano Falls

Photo Courtesy of Vicky Balleza Banaynal

After our lunch we had a view of the Montillano Falls, it has a freezing cold water falling from top. We had some picture taking, trekking to the top of the rocky and slippery road. Located above the Montillano Falls is Inas Falls. We have just finished exploring the place when rain showers dropped for a while, which lead us to take some rest in a small kubo and got a chance to get acquainted with each other, while other members took opportunity to go swimming.

Mari-it Wild Life Conservation Park Lambunao

After the rain, we headed back to the Mari-it Wild Life Conservation Park to view the breeding facility of the different wild species. In this park, you can see the endangered hornbill species: Dolongan (Visayan Writhe Hornbill) and Panay Tariktik Hornbill, Visayan Warty Pig, Cloud Rats, Visayan Spotted Deers, Madal (The Visayan Leopard Cat), Malay Civet (Looks like a cat, or maybe another specie of a cat :-)) and other wild species who are in care.

Dolongan (Visayan Writhe Hornbill) Panay Tariktik Hornbill
Visayan Warty Pig Madal (The Visayan Leopard Cat)
Visayan Spotted Deers Malay Civet

The Mari-it Wild Life Conservation Park was established in 1993 in order to address the growing concern on the increasing rate of biodiversity loss in the Western Visayas Faunal Region and Panay island and it is run by the West Visayas State University College of Agriculture and Forestry.

This is the reason why Discover Panay Island visited this place to help promote and give awareness to the people on how to preserve our Panay endangered species. Not just these wild species but also the beauty of its nature, the trees, river, and falls. We, the DPI also supports this advocacy.

It was so early in the afternoon (past 4:00 pm) when we separate ways at Ungka Terminal. It was another experience, discovering new places, meeting people, knowing cultures and discovering Panay Island… Thank you Sir Hawili Hurom and the sponsors of this event.

Here are the Lis of DPI members who joined the Photo Ride:

1.Jonathan Clavel
2.Han Vazquez
3. Mhytz Villasis
4. Bing Love
5. Carl Sardua
6. Jaiden Castillon Peñascosa
7. Vicky Balleza Banaynal
8. Kinaadman Prod Melvin Vicky
9. Mark Segador –
10. Ronald Medina
11. Kem Hautea Aspera
12. Dee James
13. June Dale I. Lozada
14. Ian John Pamplona
15.Makoy Rejaba
16. Ramzkie G. Lumauag
17. Herald Alfred Tupas Garcia
18. Merelyn Barretto Paredes Valdez

Check out our video courtesy of Kinaadman Prod Melvin Vicky:

Come, visit and explore the wonders of Lambunao!

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