Robert Jaworski Jersey Retirement Ceremony

The Living Legend Robert Jaworski will finally put his iconic number 7 Jersey into a Retirement this Sunday, July 8, 2012. A Tribute to Jaworski’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony will be telecast live on AKTV on IBC13 after the first game of the PBA Governor’s Cup Semifinals.

Robert Jaworski Jersey Retirement

Robert Jaworski remains one of the PBA’s most decorated players. He made the list as one of PBA’s 25 Greatest Players of All Time in 2000 and has been enshrined as part of the league’s Hall of Fame in 2005.

All these achievements will be recognized in this long-awaited ceremony honoring the Living Legend, Robert Jaworski, Sr. Catch the Jaworski Jersey Retirement Ceremony only on AKTV on IBC13.
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