My Prize in Blogging

I never thought that my passion in blogging will lead me to be featured in a Newspaper. Yes, i blog to share my travel adventures, express my feelings, post trending news, and share it with people. I was inspired by a lot of personal and travel blogs that i have read, and dreamed that someday i can also be featured on TV Shows, Magazine, Newspaper, invited on big event and win a blog award. Sounds ambitious and ridiculous, but it’s not impossible.


I am not a good writer, i am not a grammarian, i just blog what i wanted to express, though the grammar is not perfect. Since i joined the Discover Panay Island Group and engaged myself in Photography, i started posting Photos of my visited places in Panay and Guimaras Island, and i also share my blogs that featured my travel adventures and experiences. I was just surprised one day when Mr. Han Vasquez and Larry Biboy Saracho contacted me asking if i can share my article about my travel adventure to be featured in Places Section of The Daily Guardian Newspaper Western Visayas. From that day i was inspired writing my article and was really surprised to see it in the news.

Yes, it was indeed a great experience, a feeling of happiness seeing yourself sharing it with people reading the article, and starting to see your dreams come true. Now, i got the prize of my passion which i thought before was just a dream, but now slowly turning into reality.

I believe that there is no problem in dreaming as long as you worked hard in order to achieve it. I do hope that more of this passion be shared, and inspired those who wants to blog.

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