Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 7: A Test of Heart

The Game 7 do-or-die game between Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics is truly a test of heart.

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 7 Live Telecast

First for Lebron James, this is his chance to prove that he has the heart, that he can deliver in a crucial situation just like what he did in Game 6 as they face elimination. He must prove that his decisions to transfer to Miami is right, he must prove all the doubts if he can bring championship to Miami is wrong. He must prove that he is really the MVP.

In Game 6 at Boston, LeBron James scored 45 points and grabbed 15 rebounds to power the Miami Heat over Boston 98-79 and force a one-game showdown to decide which team advances to the NBA Finals. The NBA Most Valuable Player James unleashed one of the greatest performances of his career on the Celtics, who were routed on their home court when they had a chance to take the series with a victory. Is this his time?

Here is the career playoff heroic moments of Lebron James back from his Cleveland days, and now in Miami. It’s been a long time seeing Lebron showing leadership, aggressiveness and delivering in crucial situations, just like what he is doing at Cleveland.

Next is for the Boston Celtics, they must show the heart of the champion, just like what they did in stealing Game 5 at Miami’s homecourt. The question is, can they do it again in Game 7? This will again test the heart of the Celtics, to show that they have the edge in experience, that age factor is not a major concern, and continue to execute consistent basketball.

Who will have the heart? Who will take the Eastern Conference Crown? Let us see in the Game 7.

Meanwhile, ABS CBN Channel will air the live telecast Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics Game 7 on June 10, at 9 a.m. and replay at 9:30 p.m. on Studio 23.

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