Experience Delicious Seafoods at Oton

Now that Gaisano Capital Oton has already opened, there are also a lot of seafood dining places that opened in Oton to give the shopping public a taste of mouth watering seafood.

Oton is also known for it’s rich marine resources, beaches and delicious seafood. Along the Street of J.C. Zulueta lies the different seafood dining places. If you visit Oton, or Gaisano Capital, have a try to dine at these places.

Of course there is the famous Allan’s Original Talabahan, this is the place where known for Baked and Steamed Talaba.

Allan'sTalabahan Oton

Next to it is the Up Way Seafoods and Restaurant, another affordable dining place.

Up Way Seafoods and Restaurant Oton

Just right along the way, and a walking distance is the Cabugao Seafood Haus. If you want to dine with your family, there are cottages that are available.

Cabugao Seafood Haus Oton

Right beside the Cabugao Seafood Haus is Danny’s Talabahan, it offers affordable dining, food trip with the friends or family, perfect for hang out.

Danny's Talabahan Oton

You can also try a fishing adventure at Villa Rica just beside Danny’s Talabahan.

Villa Rica Oton

Visit Oton and experience the delicious taste of seafoods.

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