A Davao Adventure with the Family

Last June 1, 2012 we had a tour with the family at Davao City, it was just a short trip for the availed Cebu Pacific Piso Fare Promo. And also a reward for the kids who performed best in school, and a time for bonding with the family for this was only my free time after my summer class. My sister Nira also joined us in this trip. By the way, this is our first time to visit Davao so we are excited about the trip although we are on a tight budget.

Davao International Airport

Davao Giant Durian

We took an early flight, and arrived at Davao International Airport at around 10:30 am of course we did not missed to take a picture on the Giant Durian, after that we go directly to the hotel. I was surprised that all the taxi were metered and they are observing it all through out the city, we only paid Php190 from the airport to the hotel. We checked in at MyHotel Davao, this was the hotel i found when i searched for cheap hotels in Davao over the internet, it is located at the heart of the downtown area. We take our lunch first and took a rest for a while especially the kids who felt dizzy and fall asleep up to 4:00 pm.

MyHotel Davao

We have no exact itinerary for this trip, i just searched for top places to visit in Davao over the internet. Our first visit in on People’s Park, just a walking distance in the hotel. The entrance is free in the park, it is beautiful especially the Big Durian Dome and the gigantic replica of the Philippine Eagle. We moved around the park and take some pictures. After that, we took our diner back in the hotel and prepare for the next day’s trip.

People's Park Davao

Davao Eagle

On the next day, I woke up early and strolled around the area, i visited the San Pedro Cathedral just a walking distance from the hotel.

San Pedro Cathedral Davao

On our next trip, we rented a van for a tour along the countryside and city. I searched for a cheap car rental over the internet and i found the ABC rent a van. Van rental is Php3,500 for the first 10 hrs, and Php250 for every exceeded hour.

I thank Aries our friendly driver who toured us on some famous spots in Davao. Our first destination was Eden Nature Park and Resort, it is located at the foot of Mt. Talomo, roughly around 3000-ft above sea level, and you can also have a view of Mt. Apo. It took us 45 minutes to arrived at the place. The mountain resort has a cool climate, they have different amenities like cottages, function rooms, camp sites, and playground.  They also offer different activities like hiking, trecking, resort tour, fishing, and zipping on zip lines. You can also see different species of birds here, a butterfly garden, and larong pinoy park.

Eden Nature Park Davao

Next destination is the Philippine Eagle Center, it is located Malagos, Davao where in you can also find the Malagos Garden Resort, the home of Philippine Orchid, Vanda Sanderiana, commonly referred to as the Waling Waling, indigenous birds and other wildlife species.

Davao Philippine Eagle Center

In the entrance, the Davao City Water District collects an entrance fee of Php5 for adults and Php3 for kids. Entrance fee for the Philippine Eagle Center is Php50 for adults, and Php30 for children. We are just lucky enough to avail a free entrance during their Philippine Eagle week celebration. The park is surrounded by huge trees and you can see different species of eagle, i met PAG ASA, the the first Philippine Eagle to be bred in captivity. A giant raptor, monkeys, and other species of birds can also be found at the center. There are souvenir items sold inside, and a lot of pasalubong are also sold outside of the center, where in you can see huge python inside a cage waiting for a photo opportunity for tourists.

Lola Abon's Pasalubong Shop Davao

It took us almost an hour to go back in the city, we dropped by at Lola Abon’s pasalubong center. Lola Abon is known for pasalubong product like several Durian candies and souvenir items.

Jack's Ridge Davao

Next destination is the Crocodile Park, but before the Crocodile Park we passed by at Jack’s Ridge just along the way the Crocodile Park. We took our lunch at Restaurant, at Jack’s Ridge is located at.. you can see the view of Davao City, this place is also perfect at night where local bands played in the restaurant. After our lunch, we went to the Crocodile Park.

Crocodile Park Davao

Davao Crocodile Park boasts thousands of its self-nurtured Crocodiles as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a home to the tamed wildlife beasts which are nourished and given world-class care. The Entrance fee in the Crocodile Park during week days is Php150 for adult, and Php75 for children, during weekends, the entrance fee is Php200 for Adults. During the weekend, the entrance is entitled to witness the crocodile show, visit the butterfly house and witness the Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Presentation and Fire Dance. Visiting the Crocodile Park is the most exciting activity we had because of the Crocodile Show, we had a chance to met Pangil, the oldest crocodile in the park, for more than 60 yrs. old and the largest one which stands 18 feet long. We took a picture holding the yellow python and baby pangil, feeding crocodiles and take a look on some wild species in the park.

Davao Crocodile Park

Tribu K Mindanawan Davao

The whole day tour was a lot of fun, and the children really enjoyed the trip. We go back to the hotel at around 7:00 pm, took our dinner, and packed up things for the next day’s flight back to Iloilo City. We took a 7:20 am flight on June 3, back to Iloilo.

Although it was a short trip, it was exciting. We planned to have a trip to Samal Island the next time we go back there… If you are planning to visit Davao, i recommend you to visit these places.

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