Tabu-an Lunch with DPI at Central Market Iloilo

Last May 17, 2012 we had a Lunch with the Discover Panay Island (DPI) Group by Hawili Hurom  at Tabu-an inside the Iloilo Central Market.

Discover Panay Island Tabu-an Eyeball

Image courtesy of Discover Panay Island by Hawili Hurom

This is my first time to join the eyeball since i am a new member of this group. “DISCOVER… PANAY ISLAND” is open to all who BELIEVE in the beauty of the PANAY ISLAND. Members are free to post photos of their favorite resort, fiesta, food, landscape, scenery, vacation spot, beach, landmarks etc of the island. You can check the Facebook Page of the Group.

I got a chance to met the members and i really enjoy the company. The members came from all walks of life, Professionals, Balikbayans, Students, Photographers, Bloggers, and who are simple and humble and shares common interests. As of posting time, the members of this group is 11, 870.

The group assembled at around 11:00 am inside the Iloilo Central Market, some were lost (including me) while looking for Tabu-an, but at last find the group. The meeting was so casual in such a way that you will be warmly welcomed by the group and you will really feel at home.

These are the lists of members who attended the event:

1. Herald Alfred Tupas Garcia – CONFIRMED
2. Norman Posecion – CONFIRMED
3. Greg Dlr – CONFIRMED
4. Michael Soncio – CONFIRMED
5. Jon Michael Pantinos Lamojer – CONFIRMED
6. Vicky Balleza Banaynal – CONFIRMED
7. Kinaadman Prod Melvin – CONFIRMED
8. Glenn Opong – CONFIRMED
9. Ryan Banaria – CONFIRMED
10. Jonathan Toledanes Clavel – CONFIRMED
11. Mary Jane Nufable Granados – CONFIRMED
12. Samen Terania – CONFIRMED
13. Mhel Bonito – CONFIRMED
14. Cheryl Casabuena Majo – CONFIRMED
15. Lorenz Querubin – CONFIRMED
16. Jen Layson – CONFIRMED
17. Ellis Czar Rago Lopez – CONFIRMED
18. Jaiden Castillon Peñascosa – CONFIRMED
19. Rey Bataga – CONFIRMED
20. Meryl Puljanan Hiso – CONFIRMED
21. Krystle Angelie – CONFIRMED
22. Ramzkie G. Lumauag – CONFIRMED
23. Ken Di – CONFIRMED
24. Eds Eguia-Julabar – CONFIRMED
25. Rex Clement – CONFIRMED
26. Ellren Devera – CONFIRMED

Discover Panay Island Facebook Page

Image via Discover Panay Island Facebook Page

After the chikahan and picture taking, lunch was served and i was really surprised with the settings. This is also my first time to be in this place what they called Tabu-an (Meeting Place in Hiligaynon) although i have already heard about the place, with good reviews, so i took the chance to join the event to personally visit the place. Check out my featured post about Tabu-an Lunch at Iloilo Central Market, for more details about the place.

Tabuan Lunch Iloilo Central Market

It’s kinda Lunch Feast where in foods were placed in a long table covered by Banana Leaves, in our case most of it are sea foods and native dishes. It’s a full pack serving where in you are free to pick up any food you want in the table. As what Ilonggo Chef Tibong Jardeleza (the owner) said, when you eat, “you pick with your left hand, and eat with your right hand“. The group had a lot of fun eating, it was a full pack lunch where in we could not carry it anymore, so we have to take plastics bags to bring it home. :-)

Tabu-an Lunch Iloilo Central Market

It was indeed a great experience, and i am very thankful for the sponsors of this event and also to sir Hawili Hurom. We ended almost 1:00 pm and everybody was very happy. I do hope we can have another eyeball. I would like to thank all the members for welcoming me to the group. I really enjoy your company. Always spread the good news and let’s all Discover Panay Island! Til next time…


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