Tabu-an Lunch: Iloilo Central Market

In my previous post, i featured the Tabu-an Lunch with DPI Group last May 17, 2012 at Iloilo Central Market.I have already heard a lot of good reviews and read some blog posts about this place, so i never hesitate to visit the place to see what’s really inside the Iloilo Central Market, a Place called Tabu-an.


Tabu-an is a Hiligaynon word that means a “Meeting Place”. This place is owned by Ilonggo Chef Tibong Jardeleza who want’s to give the Ilonggo’s a taste of native foods at affordable price, and in a unique way.

Tabu-an Lunch with Tibong Jardeleza

If you want to have a lunch feast with your group or family, just look for Tibong Jardeleza inside the Iloilo Central Market, It is located near the Fish and Meat Section. Just present how much is your budget and Chef Jardeleza will took care of it.

Tabuan Lunch Iloilo Central Market

How lunch is served here? Well, all dishes are placed in a long table covered by banana leaves, to make it look native. According to Chef Tibong, this is the way to eat, “Pick with your left hand, and eat with your right hand” to have a continuous eating.

Tabu-an Lunch

Tabuan Lunch

Tabuan Lunch Native Foods

Tabu-an Lunch Food Serving

Tabu-an Native Lunch

If you are interested to experience to try the Tabu-an Lunch in Iloilo Central Market, you may visit the Tabu-an Facebook Page and send a message, or you can visit it personally to arrange your schedule and budget.

I recommend to give it a try for this unique way of lunch.
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