Photo Shoot Practicum at Guisi Beach Guimaras

Last May 19, 2012 we had a Photo Shoot Practicum in our Photography Class. I am taking basic photography class at West Visayas State University, Iloilo. Obviously, i am still learning the basics of photography.

This is our first time to go out of the classroom and have our practicum, here we will be applying all the theories we have learned. The class went to Guisi Beach and Lighthouse in Guimaras, and the activity was very challenging and also exciting especially this is my first time to visit the place.

In our practicum we are given 3 task to perform. First is to take a picture of the beach scenery with aperture of f11 and iso 100, speed is open and it’s up for us to adjust. Second task is to take a picture of a classmate with the beach as the background with aperture of f5.6 and iso 100 still speed is for us to adjust. The last task is take a picture of any scenery with in the beach with iso 100 and speed of 125, aperture is for us to adjust.

Here are my output in the given activity, although this is not really perfect for me as beginner in photography. I will appreciate comments and suggestions to improve this.

Task 1: Beach Scenery (F11, ISO 100, Speed 125)

Guisi Beach

Task 2: Picture of a classmate with beach as background (F5.6 ISO 100 Speed 320)

Beach Portrait Photography

Task 3: Any Scenery with in the Beach (F10 ISO 100 Speed 125)

Guisi Beach Scenery


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