My First Time Luck at PSITE-WV Regional Convention

Last May 2, 2012, The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE) – Western Visayas Chapter conducted a Regional Conference and Training on Mobile Technology using Windows Phone at West Visayas State University – Iloilo.


Every year, sets of officers are elected. The officers serve as the facilitator of this organization, and also the coordinator to the PSITE National. I was lucky to be nominated and voted as one of the Board of Director of this organization. I already became a member of this organization since the first time it was formulated. Every year, i never missed to attend the regional conference to give my full support to this organization, and since the school is also an institutional members. But it was my first time to be nominated and elected as officer of this organization. They said, “It’s a First Time Luck”. And i am lucky for this. Thanks to all the member who supported and voted me.

PSITE-WV is an organization of all I.T. Educators in Western Visayas. It aimed to provide trainings and update on the latest trends in information technology. It also provides support to all its member schools in terms of resources, updates, and giving awards during the recognition program of the school. This organization provides also seminars and updates to the students through the Philippine Society of IT Students (PSITS) student organization.

This year, the training on windows Phone Technology was sponsored by Microsoft Philippines. The first day of training started with updates on CHED, election of officers, a dinner at Hotel del Rio sponsored by PLDT. Second day was an intensive training, and a dinner at Ocean City sponsored by Microsoft Philippines. The last day of training was the awarding of certificates and a lot of freebies were given by the sponsors. I got a chance to win a shirt for Microsoft for a consolation prize.  : -)


The Regional conference was another success, and through this i got a chance to met new friends, gained more knowledge, and was given the chance to serve the organization.

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