Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins: Exploring Guimaras Historical Site

In my previous post about our Photography Practicum last May 19, 2012 at Guisi Guimaras, we have given the chance to explore the Guisi Beach and Guisi Lighthouse to take pictures based on our given tasks.

I got a chance to visit the Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins to take a picture of the scenery. This is my first time to visit the place and i personally got to know the historical background of the place.

Guisi Lighthouse

There are two lighthouses located at this place, the old one (not functional already) which was built by the Spanish Government in 1894 -1896. It was built to give lighting and guide ships that passes Iloilo and Guimaras Strait. The old lighthouse is a 17.5 m (58 ft) octagonal cylindrical tower.

Guisi Old Lighthouse

The new lighthouse replace the old one, it is 38 ft (11.5m) hourglass-shaped metal tower. Painted white, focal plane 34 m (111 ft), white flash every 15 s. no lantern.

Guisi New Lighthouse

Guisi Ruins

Guisi Ruins Guimaras Guisi Ruins Guimaras

With in this site also are the ruins of a Spanish-colonial outpost, and this place were visited by people to take some photos. There are also cottages available in the place for an overnight stay that can accommodate 6-8 persons and rates are from Php 1500-2000. An entrance fee of Php 10.00 are charged for the maintenance of the place and for the caretaker’s allowance.

Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins
Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins

The Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins is Guimaras Island’s Hidden historical site, and Guimarasnons are proud of this. I can say hidden because this is situated at the end part of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, the road going to this place is not yet concrete, you got to trek uphill, covered by trees, but below it you can see the view of beautiful beaches, a view of paradise.

How to get there?

From Jordan Wharf, you can take a jeepney bound to Dolores Nueva Valencia with a fare of Php 40.00. Then from the intersection going to Guisi Beach, you can take a motorcycle ride. You can also arrange for a van or multicab rental in the wharf.

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