Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Guimaras

This is my first time to visit Guisi Clearwater Resort at Nueva Valencia, Guimaras during our Photo Shoot Practicum last May 19, 2012.

Guisi Clearwater Resort

Guisi Clearwater Resort is situated at the southwestern coast of Guimaras, it has a yellow sand, emerald green waters, and a stunning rock formations. Uphill along the coastal is the historical spanish-colonial lighthouse built during the 18th century.

Guisi Beach Guimaras

Guisi Rock Formation

This place is perfect for a getaway because it is partly a hidden paradise in the island of Guimaras. This is also perfect for a family picnic, adventure, and relaxation. You can also have an overnight stay in this place.

Guisi Clearwater Beach

Family rooms and cottages with aircon are available with rates from Php 2,000-2,200. Small cottages along the beach costs Php 300, foods are also served if you want to order, and you can also bring foods with you. Entrance fee is Php 20.

Guisi Beach Resort

Guisi Clearwater Resort  is one hour and 30 minute-ride from Jordan Wharf, you can take a jeepney bound to Dolores Nueva Valencia with a Php 40 fare, you can also take a van or multicab rental at the wharf, to avoid over pricing, just ask for assistance in the tourism office.

For inquiries, you can contact Josie G. Gaitan at 0919-5636-688 (Smart), 0932-4905-818 (Sun) or email at

Visit Guisi Clearwater Resort and discover the hidden paradise of Guimaras.

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