Ambakan Falls Jordan Guimaras

Last May 26, 2012 we had another Photo Shoot Practicum at Ambakan Falls Jordan Guimaras in our Photography Class.

Ambakan Falls Guimaras

Ambakan Falls is located about 3 kilometers from Jordan Wharf you can ride a tricycle going to the drop off point for Php8 each person when you come in group.

Ambakan Falls Ambakan Falls Jordan
Ambakan Falls Jordan Guimaras Ambakan Creek

It was an exciting adventure trekking and taking pictures along the way. From the drop off point, you will be trekking into a muddy and slippery trail, passing some hanging bridge made of bamboos, and pass through running creeks. This is my first time visiting the place although i was expecting that the falls is kinda high, but it wasn’t.

Jordan Ambakan Falls Guimaras

This place is perfect for adventure, nature tripping, and photo walks. Visitors are coming to this place for picnic and swimming.

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