Trappist Monastery: Guimaras

Last Holy Week of 2012, I visited the Trappist Monastery at Jordan, Guimaras as a part of my Holy Week Journey. This is not my first time to visit the place, i have been here so many times already but this is my first time to feature it on my blog, since the time i visited the place, i have not yet developed this blog.

Trappist Monastery Guimaras Guimaras Trappist Church
Trappist Chapel Trappist Monks
Trappist Gift Shop Trappist Products

The Trappist Monastery is located in Bgy. San Miguel, Jordan Guimaras, this is run by monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. These monks follow the rule of St. Benedict and are best known for the extreme austerity or strictness that characterizes their discipline.

The Trappist Monastery grounds is so peaceful and sacred. There are prayer areas where in you can talk with the monks and nuns, for counseling and confessions. There are also guest houses for retreat, chapel, church, and a gift shop where in they sell their products.

The monks earn a living by selling souvenir items, religious items, native products and processed foods such as jellies, jams, candies, piyaya, made from Guimaras Mangoes.

If you want to get away with a stressful life, experience serenity, meditate and reflect, this is a perfect place.

How to get there?

From Iloilo, Jordan, Guimaras can be reached by riding a pumpboat in Ortiz St., Iloilo City. Then from Jordan Port, It is approximately a 20-30 minute ride through a multicab or a jeepney.


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