Panaad Festival 2012

The Panaad Festival is a showcase of all the Festivals in the Province of Negros. This year there are 24 contingents coming from the major cities and municipalities in the province of Negros participated in the event.

This is the 19th year of celebration, and this year’s theme is: “More Food, More Fun, and Festivals“. The festival showcases the rich culture of the different places in Negros as shown in their performances. I got a chance to see the live performances and i am very happy to be back home again in my home town after a long long time. I only stayed in Bacolod for a day, and went back to Iloilo again for a work.

Here are some of the photos i took in the recent Panaad Festival 2012 Dance Competition:

Panaad Festival 2012 Dance Competition

Panaad Festival 2012

Panaad sa Negros 2012

Panaad sa Negros

Panaad Festival

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