Municipality of Tubungan Celebrates Tubong-Tubong Festival 2012

The Municipality of Tubungan Iloilo Celebrates Tubong-Tubong Festival 2012. Here is the Tubong-Tubong Festival 2012 Schedule of Activities:

April 25 (Wednesday)
Opening Program
Food Festival

April 26 (Thursday)
Blood-letting Activity
Search for Miss Tubong-Tubong 2012

April 27 (Friday)
Walk for a Cause
Festival for Kids
Opening of the Agri-Trade Fair and Forum
Games and the SKMF Night

April 28 (Saturday)
Medical, Dental and Surgical Mission,
Basketball Game
TNHS Alumni Night

April 29 (Sunday)
1st Invitational Motocross Competition
Battle of the Sound and a Benefit Dance

April 30 (Monday)
Drum Corps Competition
Mardi Gras Competition
LGU Night

May 1 (Tuesday)
Street Dancing Competition
Battle of the Sound for Motorcycles
Awards Night
Fireworks Display and Live Band

Here is an Information about Tubungan and Tubong-Tubong Festival:

Tubungan is a 4th class municipality in the Province of Iloilo, Philippines. It consist of mostly rolling hills and mountains with very limited plains. It is located at the southwestern portion of Iloilo province, more or less 42 kilometers from Iloilo City.

Derived from the Hiligaynon word “tubong” or “to contribute or chip-in,” the festival is based on the local tradition of Filipinos called “Bayanihan.” The Spanish Law of the Indies required that an area, to be recognized as a town, must comply with population needs. Tubungan was then part of Guimbal. Its early settlers were the people of barrio Nahapay in Guimbal. Tubungan formally became an independent town in May 1, 1938 via Executive Order No. 143 under President Manuel L. Quezon. That is why they celebrated the festival every May 1.

People from neighboring Guimbal, Leon, Igbaras and Tigbauan settled peacefully in Tin-an, the present town site, thus, the local word “tubong,” was in reference to these communities that settled permanently in the area. A common theme for the annual tribal presentations depicts the spirit of cooperative effort involving a community of members and features a small fiesta to express gratitude. Other tribes focus on indigenous beliefs such as folk rituals established among the people in the community and the non-human beings, such as spirits and divinities. Cultural practices as expressed in a collection of stories are also presented where it shaped the history of this town and what the future lies for Tubungan.

How to get there?

From Iloilo City, take a ride on a Jeep bound to Tubungan.

Tubungan Iloilo

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