It’s China vs Pinoy in Cyber War

It all started in a dispute over Scarborough Shoal and the Spratlys. Now it goes online for a Cyber War.


China and Philippines are now engaged in a raging battle on the Internet. It started when the UP website was hacked by China supporters. An image and text asserting Chinese sovereignty over the Scarborough Shoal, also known as Huangyan Island, was posted on the UP system site’s . A map with the China-recognized territorial lines along with the text “We come from China! Huangyan Island is Ours!” were posted on the page.


After this incident, Alleged Pinoy hackers then struck back over the weekend, defacing several Chinese websites. Members of “PrivateX” and “Anonymous #OccupyPhilippines” took down more Chinese websites in response to an attack allegedly made by Chinese Internet users on Philippine websites. Images of the Philippine map and flag with text asserting that the Spratlys are owned by the Philippines were posted on the Chinese government website

The note “You got f****d by the Philippines! Spratlys Island is OURS! You started the fire we end it with dust!” appear across the said website. Furthermore, texts saying “STFU Chinese government is clearly retarded Scarborough Shoal is ours!” appear on the website of the Chinese University Media Union.


This April 25, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) website was attacked again by Chinese Hackers. A Chinese flag appeared on the DBM website. It was also vandalized with several sentences: “How come a small bitch border country are overconfident? And Challenged to Our Chinese Super Hacker?”

The tension between China and the Philippines and it’s Cyber War can cause critical services in banking and telecommunications services according to the Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT).

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