Bantayan Festival: A Commemoration of Bravery and Heroism of Guimbalanons

The Municipality of Guimbal celebrated their 10th Bantayan Festival last April 10-14, 2012, and the highlight of the festival is the Tribal Dance Drama Competition which showcased the re-enactment of the battle between the natives of Guimbal and the Muslim pirates.

Bantayan Festival

The presentation commemorates the bravery and heroism of the Guimbalanons in their battle against the Muslims and how they offer their lives to protect their place. During the event, Hon. Vice Governor Richard Garin narrates the story on how the Guimbalanons were victorious against the Moro raids and how the Bantayan (Watchtower) was instrumental in protecting their place against the Moros.

Guimbal Bantayan Festival

Guimbal History

This is my first time to witness the presentation, and i admire the tribes in their realistic presentation that made me understand the history of Guimbal. Guimbal derived its name from Guimba (Drum), an ancient instrument of the Spanish Panayanons that resembled a drum and is beaten by hand to send messages from tower to tower to warn the community of an incoming raid. Guimbal has also a rich culture, farming and fishing are among the main sources of livelihood of its people.

Guimbal Bantayan

Guimbal Bantayan Festival

Bantayan Festival of Guimbal

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