A Panaad Festival Experience at Home

Last April 9, 2012 is the opening of Panaad Festival 2012 at Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City. Since April 9 is a holiday, i take this chance to visit Bacolod City after a long long time.

I am already staying for good in Iloilo City since i settled down and worked here. During my visit at Panaad, I took the chance to look around the booths, have a dinner with my sister at the food festival, and witness the Panaad Festival 2012 Dance Competition. I also had a chance to see the Lin-ay Sang Negros 2012 Candidates up close.

Panaad Festival Experience

It’s nice to be back home again in my home town, i missed the old friends, relatives, and the Negros Culture.

Panaad sa Negros

Bacolod City

Talisay City

Sagay City

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