A Garin Farm Adventure at San Joaquin (Part II): Leisure

This is the Part II series of my Garin Farm Adventure at San Joaquin, the Leisure.

Garin Farm offers several leisure activities. Relish a relaxing time at the hilltop lagoon for fishing, kayaking, boat riding, or horse back riding. You can also go swimming at the pool and stay at their Hilltop rooms.

Garin Farm Boating

Fly high in the 300-meter zip line.

Garin Farm Zip Line

Experience the serenity of the water and savor the amazing view of the mountain and the sea. The kiddie and adult pools are situated halfway down the hillside, where guests can swim with a breathtaking view of the countryside, the town, and the China Sea horizon. The pools and cave-like cottages were also specifically designed to adapt to the natural flow of the farm’s terrain.

Garin Farm Swimming Pool

Garin Farm Hilltop Rooms

Foods and drinks are also available in the pavilion. Just ask for the menu.

Garin Farm Pavilion

Check out the Rooms, Amenities and Services Rates on my previous post.

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