Should Lebron James Take The Last Shot?

Should Lebron James Take the Last Shot? This is the trending topic most NBA fanatics are discussing now about Lebron James in Miami’s 98-99 loss to Utah Jazz in their March 2 Game, where Utah Jazz spoils Miami’s nine game winning streak.

Lebron James

In their game against the Jazz, Lebron has a chance for a game winning shot with 4.5 seconds left in the game, but decided to passed the ball to Haslem who missed the shot. Well, it’s an open shot for Haslem, but just missed the shot. But, NBA fanatics criticized James that he should have taken the final shot, others say he made the correct decision to hit the open man.

Here is the Video of that Game Courtesy of YouTube:

But, this is not the only issue. During the All Star 2012, he had the chance to shoot the game winning shot vs the West All Stars but chose to pass the cross-court ill advised pass.

Here is the video of that game:

A lot of criticisms are now on Lebron James, if he really wants to win Championships he must made the right decision to Pass or to Shoot?

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