Microsoft offers Windows 8 Product Key and Consumer Preview

Microsoft has finally gave their Windows 8 consumers preview for all who are interested to test it.

windows-8 download

Image Courtesy of Microsoft

In my previous post about the Windows 8 Preview, Microsoft has revealed plans to unveil a test version of its latest Windows computer operating software by the end of February 2012.

Now, it’s here. If you want to test the latest Windows 8 Operating System, here is the download link Microsoft has provided.

Download the Windows 8 32-bit here with a size capacity of 2.5Gb. And the Windows 8 64-bit with a size capacity of 3.3 GB.
The Windows 8 Product Key:



When the downloads done, you can now burn the ISO image to DVD and start your installation.

Microsoft will announce the date of the final version of Windows 8. We will just wait for it.

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