Why Joseph Biggel of PBB Unlimited is Trending

Why Joseph Biggel of PBB Unlimited is Trending? PBB Unlimited exposes a controversial special report about a housemate who has been a talk of the social media accusing him as a BIG LIAR. The special report was delivered by Wendy Tabusalla on their task BB Patrol where she acts as a news anchor. The liar housemate was not named in the report but clues clearly pointed to Joseph Biggel.

PBB-Joseph-BiggelBiggel previously claimed that he had several “first time experiences” in the PBB house, including first time to eat ice cream, first time to wear long sleeve polo shirt, and never ever smoked in his entire life. However, certain articles posted in the internet proves otherwise. This is why Biggel is currently being accused as a BIG liar.

Biggel stories, or what he told the other housemates and national TV, have touched the other housemates and the viewers of the phenomenal reality show. He seemed so unfortunate that a lot have sympathized with him.

There are several Blog articles posted about him revealing the true Biggel.

His allegedly “first-time-eating-ice-cream” story is simply ridiculous. He said he could not afford to buy even a dirty ice cream, but he can clearly afford an to pay for his internet fees, as proven by his constant post in Facebook and YouTube. Also, his “never-smoked” story was also proved to be a lie. Because there were pictures posted in the internet showing Biggel holding a cigarette butt.

A youtube video showing slideshow of Biggel Photos:

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