Who is Grace Lee?

Who is Grace Lee? Recently, Grace Lee is the talk of the town and maybe you would wonder why.

Grace Lee is born of Korean parents but grew up in the Philippines. She is 29-year-old, a TV and radio personality and the entertainment news presenter for noontime newscast “Balitanghali” on GMA News TV Channel 11.

Rumors started to circulate few days ago when Mo Twister, co-host of Grace Lee in a radio program, tweeted on January 26: “We are talking about Grace Lee’s date last night with President Aquino”. She became talk of the town last week after Mo Twister spearheaded the rumors.

Lee did not confirm nor deny the rumor but said she’ll leave it up to the President to speak on the matter. But last February 1, President Noynoy manned-up and finally confirmed the said rumor.

During the 25th anniversary celebration of the Philippine Information Agency in Quezon City, P-Noy’s brief answer to the week-long question: “We’re seeing each other.”

Right after P-Noy’s admission, Grace Lee seconded on GMA News TV’s “Balitanghali.” “What the president said is true,” she said. “I don’t think may room for clarification kasi very simple and truthful naman ang sinabi ng presidente,” she added.

Here is a photo of Grace Lee and President Noynoy circulating around the web. It’s up for you to judge if they are perfectly match.

Grace Lee and President Noy

Well, let’s just wait for further update and development of this dating… and we will also wait on what will Kris Aquino said on the this issue. :-)

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