Religious Quotes and Text Messages

A Blessed Sunday everyone! I would like to share some Religious Quotes and Text Messages i received this morning from my friends. I do hope this quotes and messages will give us reflections as we spend our day with God this Sunday.

For whatever is happening in your life…
don’t preoccupy yourself with the question WHY?
but rather ponder more to WHERE these events bring you…
GOD is leading you to somewhere beautiful beyond the harsh realities of life…
Once you get to WHERE GOD wants you to be. The you’ll know WHY…

Man: God, how long is a thousand years to you?
God: A second.
Man: How much is $1M to you?
God: A Cent.
Man: Can i borrow a cent?
God: Wait a second.

God is wise coz every time we sleep, He gives us beautiful dreams.
But, He is even wiser, coz He lets us wake up every morning to give us the chance to fulfill your those dreams.

I Pray for you…
a heart free of sadness
a mind free of worries
a life full of gladness
a body free of illness, and
a spirit full of God’s Love.
God be with you always.
Have a day full of blessings…

God will shower graces more than you expected…
not just because you asked for them…
but someone around you prayed and wished for you…

Let me share this beautiful story:
One day a man was crossing a bridge with God. He was so scared so he asked God; may i hold your hand so i won’t fall into the river? God said, No Child, I am the one that should hold your hand; he asked: what’s the difference? God replied: If you hold my hand and something happens, you might let go. If i hold you hand, no matter what happens, I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO!
We are safe in God’s Hand. A Blessed Sunday everyone!

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