Meet Caloy: Coca-Cola’s President for Happiness

Have you seen the Latest Commercial of Coca Cola? It features Caloy, the Coca-Cola’s President for Happiness. This 2012 Coke marks its 100th year, they are once again introducing something extraordinary. They have elected a President for Happiness whose name is Caloy.


Since Coca-Cola wCaloy-Coca-Colaas introduced to the Philippines in 1912 from the Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and 26 years of being an iconic brand in the US, it has been quenching the thirst of every Filipino — from as simple as drinking the carbonated soft drink available in every corner of the country to being part of Coca-Cola’s various programs for the Filipino community. True enough, “Things go better with Coke.”

Coke is already a part of our lives. From a grandiose Fiesta,  wedding reception, birthday party, a much-awaited family gathering or even just a usual dinner, it is never happier without a Coke. Coca-cola is in every Filipino occasion.

Coke is every effective in providing awesome commercials, and now another bright idea to elect a  President for Happiness. Caloy’s task is to implement programs that will make Filipinos happy. Caloy likes to dream and come up with big ideas. Although he is still quite unsure of what he’ll do, he already has some crazy ideas like “mag-paulan ng Coke galing sa helicopter” among others. For sure his role will not be easy, but Caloy keeps a positive outlook that he can help Filipinos to be happy.

Will he succeed in his role to make the Filipinos Happy? Will there be a Free Coke for everyone? A Coke Blowout? Let’s wait and see…

Meanwhile, here is Caloy’s Happyologist” commercial courtesy of YouTube.

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