Guimbal Celebrates 10th Bantayan Festival 2012

The Municipality of Guimbal will celebrate it’s 10th Bantayan Festival on April 10-14, 2012.


Bantayan Festival is an annual re-enactment of the battle between the natives of Guimbal and the Muslim pirates. The theatrical dance format of the presentation incorporates the prop Guimba (Drum), an ancient instrument of the Spanish Panayanons that resembled a drum and is beaten by hand to send messages from tower to tower to warn the community of an incoming raid. The Bantayan (Watchtower) and guimba were instrumental in securing their area for defense and to protect their peaceful community from Muslim marauders who were responsible for the looting of many communities and capturing the natives. The town was believed to have derived its name from guimba.

The Bantayan Festival is a memorial dedication to the annals of Guimbal’s glorious past and a veneration to the vigilance, bravery and heroism of its ancestors.

Check out the Bantayan Festival 2012 Schedule of Activities.

April 10-14 – Agro Fair and Food Festival – (Public Plaza)

April 10 (Tuesday) – Opening Day
1:00 pm – Liturgical Service (Mass) – (Guimbal Catholic Church)
2:00 pm – Opening Parade, Drum, Float and Street Dancing Competition – (Poblacion)
3:00 pm – Opening Program – (Public Plaza)
7:00 pm – Search for Miss Bantayan Festival 2012 – (Amphitheater)

April 11 (Wednesday)
7:00 pm – Disco Derby – (Amphitheater)

April 12 (Thursday)
8:00 am – Boat Racing – (Bantayan Beach Resort)
– Porma Baras
11:00 am – Pinta Lawas – (Bantayan Beach Resort)
1:30 pm – Fluvial Parade – (Bantayan Beach Resort)
2:30 pm – Re-enactment of Moro Raids – (Bantayan Beach Resort)
7:00 pm – 8th Bantayan Indie Film Festival – (Amphitheater)

April 13 (Friday)
7:00 pm – Musical Concert – (Amphitheater)
– Khalil Ramos, Buildex (PGT Finalists)
– Krissel (Star Power Finalist) and Comedians

April 14 (Saturday) – Festival Day
2:00 pm – Tribal Dance Drama Competition – (Poblacion)
5:00 pm – Merry-Making – (Rizal Street)
9:30 pm – Awards Night and Fireworks Competition – (Amphitheater)

Here’s an Information about the Municipality of Guimbal:

Guimbal is a 4th-class municipality in the First District Province of Iloilo, Philippines. It is a business-friendly local government unit in Western Visayas, and the cleanest and greenest town in Iloilo. With a 9 km shoreline facing the blue waters of the Panay Gulf, it has attracted tourists from different places because of its scenic beaches and inland resorts.

Guimbal produces mango in Iloilo as well as other seasonal fruits. Farming and fishing are among the main sources of livelihood of its people.

How to get there?

Guimbal is 30 minutes away from Iloilo City, you can ride a jeepney in the South Bound Terminal in Mohon, Villa Arevalo.


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