Why Maxene Magalona is Trending on Twitter last January 29 2012

Young actress Maxene Magalona and her brother Frank sang the Eraserheads hit “Pare Ko” on Party Pilipinas. Magalona sang off-key and gain negative reactions and were then tweeted by netizens which put the GMA actress among the trending topics on Twitter.

Here is the video of her performance courtesy of YouTube:


She was even compared to Anne Curtis who sings off-key but still loved by the Madlang People. Well, it’s up for you to judge. Here are some of the tweets and comments from the netizens.

HecklerForever Professional Heckler
OMG. Maxene Magalona is murdering the Eraserheads’ PARE KO.

relanigrace Relani Grace
Ok just saw Maxene Magalona’s performance. No wonder nag trending. She indeed murdered the classic Eheads song :)))

KrIsStoFFlOpeZ kristoff lopez
Maxene Magalona, you’re pretty, but you’re not Anne Curtis and That’s not a way to imitate @annecurtissmith .

masyado siyang magalaw…naubusan ng hangin…
patola04 3 hours ago

@JLeeminus Go lang ng go! 😉
staycool15 5 hours ago

She’s not a singer so don’t judge her as if she killed somebody.., yes she is AN ACTRESS and NOT A SINGER so hinay hinay lang naman sa pag kumento,.she doesn’t deserve FOUL comments..,! and PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE her to Ms. Anne Curtis., kaya MINAHAL ng lahat (that includes me)ang out of tune singing nya dahil sa pag ka krung krung nya at sa kasikatan na hindi pa naabot ni Maxene. so yung IBA JAN wag OA sa pag ka HATER ok lang nmn mag bigay ng negative comment wag naman yung FOUL…
JLeeminus 5 hours ago

Okay. I admit I love them both. But my goodness, that was just terrible. :-s
staycool15 5 hours ago

I hope there’s SUPER-DISLIKE button i would a thousand times for this SH**. hahaha
RoentZen 6 hours ago

Nakaka – AWA – HIYA – INIS Hindi dahil sa anak ka ng LEGEND eh magaling ka na. Sana naisip nla na ARTISTA xa at HINDI SINGER kaya bakit xa pinakanta? Nagsayang lang tayo ng kuyente sa kanya! Walang respeto sa MUSIC! D alam ko ano ang tunog ng sofa-syllables!!! Mahiya KA NAMAN!
RoentZen 6 hours ago

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