Tribu Pan ay Dinagyang 2012 Performance Video

As i was searching for the Tribu Pan ay Dinagyang 2012 Performance Video, this is the only video i saw uploaded by jugheadkimbe. I’m sure there’s a lot of videos to be uploaded. I admire the energy of this tribe aside from they are the Defending Champion. I got a chance to take some Photos on there way to the entrance at Freedom Grandstand. I like their colorful costume and props. As they perform, they are trending on twitter since there is a free wifi at the freedom grandstand.

Will they retain their crown? Stay tuned for the Dinagyang 2012 Winners and Result.

Here are some Photos i took from Tribu Pan ay.

tribu pan ay

Pan ay

Here is the Tibu Pan ay Video Performance uploaded by jugheadkimbe in youtube, though not a good angle but you can see the lively performance of the tribe. Crowd goes wild! They expect a lot from this tribe. Excellent Performance!

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