Renato Corona Impeachment Trial is Trending on Twitter

The first day (January 16, 2012) of the Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona hits the social media particularly on Twitter.


Image Courtesy of ANC

Using #CJonTrial, ANC’s hashtag for tweets regarding the coverage, netizens expressed their thoughts and views relating to the trial.

A lot of local media outfits covered and aired the live coverage of the trial not only here in the Philippines but in certain parts of the world.

It also creates traffic on search engines using the following keywords such as “Chief Justice on Trial”, ”Corona Impeachment Trial Live Coverage”, “Impeachment Trial Live Coverage”, “Impeachment Trial Live Streaming”, “Renato Corona Trial Live Coverage”, “ANC Live Coverage of Renato Corona Impeachment Trial”.

For more updates on this trending event, you can visit my previous post on Where to Watch the Live Coverage of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s Impeachment Trial.

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