Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan Video Scandal Goes Viral

Another Trending Topic comes as 2012 enters. There are rumors that Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan Scandal Video goes Viral on the Web! Late actor Ram Revilla and his girlfriend Janelle Manahan has a video scandal that was uploaded in social networking sites particularly in Facebook but recently removed due to policy violation, however, copies of it have made their way in other sites that’s getting a lot of attention amongst netizens and some are looking where to Download the Video.

The video shows Ram Revilla and Janelle Manahan without their clothes and doing a very intimate act inside a bathroom. Ram is holding a digital camera while Janelle is letting her boyfriend record their deeds. The said video lasted for 1 minute and 37 seconds.

The video that was posted on the internet and was blogged about by different sources was “another attempt at murdering her, this time through character assassination,” according to the legal counsel of Manahan headed by Argee Guevarra.

The lawyer also called the attention of Ram’s brother Senator Bong Revilla to help prosecute the perpetrators of the crime. The senator is the author of the country’s antivoyeurism law.

For additional info, Republic Act 9995 is known as the  Antivoyeurism Law prohibits the distribution of videos without the consent of its owners.

There are speculations that the said scandal video of the late Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan are uploaded by the family of Ramgen. Some said that they will use the video scandal against Janelle Manahan. There are also speculations that the video scandal was from Ramgen’s laptop.

Until now, the video is still the top searches in the internet.


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